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4A Bellhousing for W Series Gearbox Conversion

Toyota 4A-GE (16V/20V) Engine RWD(Rear Wheel Drive) conversion using W series (W55-W58)
transmission (gearbox).

4a bells
This custom made bell housing will fit to any 4A-GE 16V(small and bigport), 20V Silvertop/Blacktop
7A block,4A( 4AGE/4AFE  block.etc) (any A series toyota engine block)
using W series (W55-W58) gearboxes.
It also fit to G52 gearxes(used in 7K engine)

W series gearbox info's

W series transmmision/gearbox is stronger than T50 and can handle more power used in turbocharged appllication or heavely modified engine.

It can also be used in 4A-GZE big flywheel with a minor modification. 

The original 4A-GE FWD starter will fit in this bellhousing.

Clutch Fork and Pivot Pin from W series will be used.

Here is the pictures of the bell housing fitted to 4AGE 16v smallport.


Here is the new design of the bellhousing with reinforcement ribs similar to stock toyota bellhousing


bellhosuing ribs


The only design available right now

the Clutch Fork on the opposite side of the Starter



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